Things you might be wondering about…

What  is Made On The Left?

Made On The Left was formed in 2008 by a small group of Western Australian designers who saw a need to develop opportunities for local independent design.  The association works to support and promote upcoming and emerging creative talent within Western Australia by creating events such as markets and creative meet-ups.

A not-for-profit organisation, Made on the Left is operated by a devoted committee of volunteers.

I also want to support Western Australian design, how can I get involved?

Absolutely anyone in WA can get involved in a variety of ways – as a stallholder, as a visitor/customer, as a retailer focusing on local talent or by featuring us in the press or on a blog to help us get the word out. We also welcome expressions of interest to serve on the Made on the Left committee.

What type of events do you host to promote designers?

The main activity of Made on the Left is our handmade markets events.  A minimum of two markets a year are held in Perth, in quirky locations such as pubs, that will accommodate a broad spectrum of the community. We also believe strongly in representing Western Australian designers as a whole and aim to host handmade markets in regional WA locations. To date we have held markets in Perth and Bunbury.

Additional events undertaken by Made on the Left include smaller scale promotional stalls at other markets, and craft meetups.  Future possible events include exhibitions, classes and informative talks.

Your first market was at Hyde Park Hotel which was a great location, will it always be there?

Unfortunately the community has waved a fond farewell to “The Hydey” early 2010 as the developers moved in. We aim to hold markets in a variety of venues and different Perth suburbs to attract new audiences, and also move out of Perth to country areas as well, so look out for Made on the Left in surprising new locations…


I want to participate in your craft fair as a stallholder. How much is it going to cost?

Each event is different, so our overhead costs will differ on each occasion depending on the location. We will do our best to ensure that the costs are kept to a minimal amount to encourage emerging designers to participate, whilst still offering the best event that we can.

Where do the funds earned from stall fees go?

Made on the Left is a not for profit organization and every cent we earn goes straight back into operating Made On The Left.  The major part of our revenue goes towards promoting and marketing upcoming events.

Why is your craft fair / market juried?

Each event is juried to ensure that the designers that we showcase have products that fit in with our guidelines – that the products are designed and made by the artist in Western Australia. Made on the Left focuses on providing a market for handmade, unique designer items.

We also assess the applications to ensure that there is not an over-supply of similar items at any one market. If you meet our handmade and locally produced guidelines and are not selected for a particular market,  we encourage you to apply again for any future markets as we will be rotating selected stallholders to keep the markets interesting for visitors.

So can I sell vintage or imported goods at your designer market?

You may not sell vintage products, secondhand products or imported goods at Made on the Left markets. Our aim is to focus on local Western Australian design. Unfortunately this also means that we will only accept designers who live in Western Australia.

I had a stall at your last craft fair, does this mean I can get one this time too?

Each event is juried independently of the last and your acceptance will depend on the quality of the application received, as well as whether many applications for similar goods are received (e.g. jewellery). Please keep in mind that our aim is to represent a variety of designers from all different fields, and due to limited space we can only showcase a small variety of designers.

Will the same people always be at your market?

Not at all, we want to showcase as much variety as possible so while you may find some of the same designers, there will always be new and emerging designers on show.

How many vendors will there be?

This is dependent on the applications, the location and the most effective table plan that we can devise. We estimate 30 – 40 vendors on each day of our two day events.

I want to apply! Where can I find an application?

Application forms for the market are available on the website generally 2-3 months before a market date. See the front page of the website to join our <link to mailing list form> and be informed as soon as applications open.


When will I get information about my stall setup?

Generally we send an information pack through 1-2 weeks prior to the market with all the information you need including parking, setup times, stall location and confirmation of any special requirements you provided us in your initial application form.

How big is my stall? What can I bring?

Stall size will differ at each event, but as a general guide most of the time your stall area is 1.8m across and up to 1.5 metres deep.   This size stall will accommodate the largest standard size of trestle table, although alternatively you can fit it out instead with clothing racks, small tables, screens and partitions or whatever suits your display needs, as long as they fit into this space.  Remember, you will need to supply all your own stall furniture and display equipment.

Please be mindful of safety concerns and your neighbours by confining your display to the allocated space and not obstructing pathways.

Your market is indoors, what about the lighting?

Our markets are unique, held in pubs and other locations where lighting is not of exhibition standard.  Although we will be using all lighting resources available at the venue (and hiring additional lighting wherever possible), if exhibition quality lighting is crucial to the display of your products you should select the ‘Access to a Power Source’ option on the application form and arrange to bring your own lighting.

Please note that Made on the Left cannot guarantee access to a power source for all those that request it, although we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

My best friend is a stalholder too, can we sit together? Can I have the same spot as last time?

To ensure the best possible layout, the table plan will be completed at the discretion of the Made On The Left committee and advised to you prior to the market date. You are welcome to make a request – however this does not mean we will automatically approve it.

I have more questions – can you help me?

Of course! Please contact admin@madeontheleft.com with any enquiries that you may have.

Thankyou for supporting emerging Western Australian creative talent!